It is the oldest vocational secondary school of hospitality and tourism in Sicily and one of the most prestigious in Italy. Consistently with its institutional goals, the school aims to provide the students with the technical, economic and regulatory skills in the sectors of Food & Wine, of Tourist reception and Waitering and retail sale.In 1994, to give greater force to its mission, "Professionalism and culture in the respect for law and civic engagement," the institution has chosen to take the name of the Judge Paolo Borsellino, murdered by the Mafia, with some bodyguards, in via d'Amelio’s massacre of '92. Today, it has four branches that can accommodate about 1500 students and 190 teachers: the headquarters, which also offers two evening classes for adults, located in the popular “Pallavicino” area; a branch located in “Montepellegrino” area; a separate section in “Pagliarelli” prison where for over a decade, many convicts have attended the five-year courses for the school-leaving certificate in Food & Wine; and a branch, of the new institution, in “Ucciardone” prison.Thanks to its close contacts with local institutions, with national and international bodies and organizations, the school encourages all efforts to correlate the educational offer to the cultural, social and economic development of the territory as well as cultural exchanges and experiences of study and internships in Italy and abroad.

Website: http://www.ipssarpaoloborsellino.it