Welcome to Avatar Learning: A New Chapter in Online Learning in Canada

We are delighted to announce the official launch of Avatar Learning in Canada, starting our adventure in October 2019. Avatar Learning is the product of a bold vision to contribute to enriching online learning and delivering innovative learning experiences that meet the needs of customers, partners and their learners.

🎓Commitment to the Progress of EdTech

Avatar Learning is not content to be a passive player in e-learning, but aspires to actively contribute to the progress of EdTech. We are determined to be at the forefront of educational innovation by integrating the latest technological advances. Our commitment is demonstrated by our constant search for ways to integrate artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality into teaching and learning practices. We firmly believe that these technologies can enrich the educational and skills development experience and open up new perspectives for learners around the world, particularly in emerging countries.

🍁Our mission in Canada

By establishing a presence in Canada, we are committed to offering educational institutions, businesses and organizations privileged access to quality educational solutions, aligned with international standards and backed by the proven experience of SIT eLearning Solutions.

🌟Exceptional know-how: the expertise of SIT eLearning Solutions

At the heart of our path to success, we build on the unparalleled expertise of our team, forged from the first days of online learning by SIT eLearning Solutions (www.sit.com.tn), which was originally a Canadian-Tunisian company. This strategic fusion collaboration brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, anchoring Avatar Learning as a key player in the field of online learning in both Canada and Africa, through the European Union.

🧩Our Integral Process

Creating Content

Bring your educational programs to life by choosing the method that matches your vision. Benefit from the creativity of our experienced editors to generate engaging content, or provide your own educational material that we will turn into a quality learning experience.

Pedagogical Design

The educational design at Avatar Learning transcends traditional boundaries. We adapt to a variety of learning modes, including fully remote self-learning, hybrid modes combining online and presencial environments, or media to use in presencial sessions. In addition, we take into account both synchronous and asynchron online modes, ensuring optimal flexibility to meet the specific needs of the target audience. Each course is carefully structured to optimize engagement and understanding, providing an efficient learning experience.

Creation of Infographic and Multimedia

Visual aesthetics and engagement are at the heart of our approach. Our team of multimedia designers and experts brings your content to life with engaging infographics, striking animations and interactive elements.

Integration on e-Learning Platform

We ensure a smooth transition from design to use. Your course is expertly integrated into your online learning platform, ensuring an optimal user experience.

Rayonnement International : A Global Brand of Trust

Since its launch, Avatar Learning has had the chance to shine internationally, collaborating with renowned institutions that have a significant impact on their learning populations. Our partners include the GIM-UEMAO Academy, which provides certifying training in the banking sector to the staff of about 100 member banks. We are particularly proud to have extended our collaboration with the GIM Academy by offering specialized training to about fifty trainers and teachers. This training focused on the best practices of pedagogical design, as well as on the effective operation of the authoring system of the Moodle platform of the GIM Academy.

Join us in this New Era of Online Learning

Avatar Learning aspires to be the catalyst for change in the Canadian educational ecosystem. Explore our diverse online course offerings, benefit from our solid expertise and enter a new era where learning is synonymous with innovation, flexibility and success.

Discover the Future of Learning with Avatar Learning

To find out more about our services and discover how we can work together to shape the future of e-learning, explore our website and enter the world of Avatar Learning.